£1000 Trading Challenge

Follow my Journal as I will set aside £1000 to try and build an consistent income from the UK stock market as a part time job.

I will use the simplest of tools and strategies. IG will be my account provider for my spread bets and Trading View will be the charting package used in conjunction. There are hundreds of strategies out there that are way to complicated, I believe in keeping things simple. Analysis causes paralysis, or so they say. Have a look at my strategy in more detail to find out more.


Please note this blog is purely for educational purposes and should not be used as for any form of advice or recommendations. Any post is a result of recording my own trading methodology and should be treated only as one persons opinion. I am neither regulated or authorised to give any advice.

Trading is highly risky, and the methods used on this blog use a high risk approach known as spread betting. This may also be known as leverage, gearing or trading on margin which carries a higher level of risk that would normally be associated from buying shares. It can lead to losses greater than your initial deposit.